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Jezara Vietta-B7 Hair Oil with Vitamin C+B3 Facial Kit (35GM pack)

  • Size: 100 ml
  • Category: Hair oil
  • SIZE: 35gm
  • Colour: light orange
Jezara-Vietta-B7-Hair-Oil-with-Vitamin C+B3-Facial-Kit (35GM pack)


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Jezara Hair Oil

The onion + argon hair oil from Jezara is non-greasy and non-sticky oil for a frizz-free and hassle-free hair. This chemical-free solution is made using only natural herbs and ingredients from the ancient Ayurveda. If you are in search for the best Product for hair, Jezara’s Hair Oil is the right choice for you. It is a one-stop solution to all your hair troubles. We recommend a regular usage of this 100% natural hair growth oil for the best results.

Vitamin C+B3 Facial Kit

I have formulated this 5 step facial Kit to enhance Natural glow and impart dazzling radiance to the brides. The unique ingredients counteract the damage caused by pollution and stress and leave your client’s skin revitalised and polished.


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