Welcome to Jezara

We believe in making our customers feel beautiful and valued at the same time.


Jezara, a subsidiary of the well-established Jayshree Cosmetic, was founded with the singular mission of creating a diverse range of hair and skin products. Our goal is to provide not only ethically sourced but also scientifically well-researched products that stand out in the cosmetics industry.

For Jezara, the needs and satisfaction of our customers always come first. This customer-focused approach is the driving force behind our tremendous investment in time and resources. Our team works tirelessly in procuring the finest ingredients and designing formulas with rigorous scientific precision.

Our dedicated team of experts, coupled with Jayshree Cosmetic’s renowned industry experience and our state-of-the-art production facilities, results in products that are truly unique compared to anything else available in the market today. We aim for our customers to not just use our products, but to feel unique and special when doing so.

Jezara’s line of skin and hair products uphold a high standard of quality and deliver on their promised results. Despite their premium quality, we’ve made sure our products remain affordable. We aim to carve out a unique brand identity for Jezara, deeply rooted in providing high-quality skin and hair products accessible to all, carrying forward the legacy of excellence established by our parent company, Jayshree Cosmetics.

Our Mission

We don’t just want to create creams and shampoos but in fact, offer a unique experience to our customers. We want our product users to identify with our brands, ethos, sense of purpose and lifestyle – The Jezara Lifestyle. In our mission to provide this kind of experience, it is essential that we stick to our ethical principles and create products that are 100% non-toxic and use the latest technology to keep up with changing customer demands. For us, the customer is the king, and our dedicated staff, fully equipped labs and high motivation are just some of the ways through which we strive to deliver what we promise – certified hair and skin products that are made with high scientific precision and with all the ethics in place.


As a company that believes in the ethical treatment of all living beings, we take pride in the fact that our products are 100% animal cruelty-free and formulas that are safe to use. We don’t believe in shortcuts to success and realize that flawless beauty is achieved not just through quality products, but products that are produced keeping in mind ethics and basic humane practices.



Green Beauty

All cosmetic forumulas are organic. The majority of all ingredients is natural.


Even nowadays some cosmetic products are tested on animals. That is not the case for us.

Professional Care

All products we use are professional and have proven effeciency. No compromises.

Non-Toxic Formula

Don’t worry, all our nails polishes and other products are non-toxic. We do care about you and our specialists.

Personalized Experience

Each guest is our favourite guest. Come and make sure that our service is exceptional.

We Love What We Do

People that you’ll meet in our studio are doing job they love. Come and make sure there is a difference.

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