Say Goodbye to Hairfall & Hello to Healthy Hair Growth with Jezara Hair Oil – Made With 26 Natural Herbs

Say Goodbye to Hairfall & Hello to Healthy Hair Growth with Jezara Hair Oil - Made With 26 Natural Herbs (1)

Hair fall is one of the biggest problems nowadays. Many people from kids to elders do suffer from hair fall. And most of the people do try plenty of hair oil, shampoos, and conditioner but still they face hair fall problems. But Jezara has got you an amazing product which is Jezara Vietta-B7 Hair Oil. This hair oil is made with 26 herbs and all the 26 herbs in the oil help to Say Goodbye to Hair Fall and Hello to Healthy and Strong hair.

Yes, no matter whether your hair is dull, dry, damaged, or frizzy. Jezraa hair oil is one of the best oil to use to fight all hair problems, especially hair fall. The goodness of this oil is enriched with Onion and argan along with 26 herbs. Onion in the oil helps to control hair fall and argan helps to provide deep moisturization to hair and scalp. Let us see more about this amazing hair oil.

Jezara Vietta-B7 Hair Oil Onion & Argan oil is made with:

  1. Gourd pulp – This ingredient in the oil help to reduce the intensity of flakiness and dandruff on the scalp and makes hair roots strong.
  2. Aloe vera – Gives deep moisturization to the scalp and hair. Also, gives relief from dandruff, and itchiness and makes hair strengthen. 
  3. Hedichium Spicatium – It helps in healthy hair growth and cures other hair problems.
  4. Abrus precatorius – It is used in many Kesa herbs to prevent hair problems and scalp problems.
  5. Herbs – Helps in hair regrowth, strengthens hair roots, and fight scalp issues
  6. Terminalia Bellirica – Helps to promote hair growth, makes hair roots strong, and reduces hair fall.
  7. Gooseberry – Helps in natural hair straightener and prevents premature greying.
  8. Ocimum Tenuiflorum – Helps to protect hair from other damage like pollution, dust, and impurities.
  9. Spikenard – Helps to promote hair growth and slow down greying hair.
  10. Psoralea corylifolia – Gives deep nourishment to hair and promotes hair growth
  11. Helicteres Isora – Promotes hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy
  12. Anacyclus pyrethrum – Rich in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, so it helps to keep your scalp away from dandruff, itchiness, and redness.
  13. Azadirachta Indica – Conditions your scalp, promotes healthy hair growth and soothes frizz
  14. Cassia Leaf – Stimulating hair growth, makes hair thicker, and keeps hair strong and healthy
  15. Mesua ferrea – Improves hair elasticity, makes hair thick, and protects from damage
  16. Saffron – Purifies the scalp and pores & promotes healthy hair growth 
  17. Anacolosa frutescent – Helps in hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy
  18. Rose leaf – Cleanse and nourish your scalp & acts as a natural conditioner
  19. Triphala – Maintains Scalp Health and helps in hair growth
  20. Camphor – Smooths the hair shaft and fights frizzy hair
  21. Cardamom – Help maintain strong, shiny, lustrous hair  
  22. Sesame oil – Prevents premature graying, protects hair from UV rays, and fights dandruff
  23. Olive oil – Prevents premature graying, protects hair from UV rays, and fights dandruff
  24. Vitamin E – Increases blood circulation to the scalp and helps in hair growth
  25. Argan Oil – Stimulates hair growth, makes hair smooth and soft
  26. Onion extract – Prevent hair fall and helps in hair growth


All these ingredients in the oil help to fight hair fall, dandruff, dull hair, and many more. Here are some amazing benefits of Jezara hair oil.

🧅 100% NATURAL: Jezara Vietta B-7 Onion and Argan Hair Oil is  100% natural. The goodness of this Onion & Argan oil is extracted with  26 natural herbs extract. All these herbs in the oil help to make your hair stronger, longer, and thicker.

🧅 PENETRATES DEEPLY INTO SCALP: Moisturizing property in the oil helps to penetrate deeply into the scalp making hair strands strong and healthy. It is also good for hair follicles.

🧅 FIGHT WITH DANDRUFF: Argan oil in the hair oil fight with dandruff and an itchy scalp. Aloe vera helps to soothe the scalp and also strengthens hair. It helps to cool down the scalp and gives relief from anxiety and stress.

🧅 CONTROL HAIR FALL: Powerful ingredients in the hair oil control the hair fall by proving deep nourishment to hair. It also keeps your hair hydrated and moisturized for a longer period without making your scalp dry.

🧅 FIGHT WITH DULL & DAMAGED HAIR: It is the perfect hair oil to get rid of dull, damaged, frizzy, and lifeless hair. Vitamin E & Olive oil helps to repair hair damage, keep hair manageable, and prevent hair from frizzy and dull.

🧅 REDUCES GREAY HAIR: Aloe Vera in the onion and argan hair oil helps to reduce gray hair by providing deep moisturization to hair. It also keeps your scalp away from itchiness and redness.

🧅 CONTROLS HAIRFALL & PROMOTES GROWTH : Special formulation in the oil helps to control hair fall and with regular usage helps to promote healthy hair growth.

🧅 NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: This amazing hair oil does not contain paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, added colors, or any fragrances. It is 100% natural and safe to use for all hair types.

Enjoy healthy and happy hair with Best Hair Oil.

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