9 Best Hair Care Oil to say Goodbye to Dry & frizzy Hair

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No more dry hair, no more frizz, say goodbye to it. Because I have brought you some such hair oil, which will remove the problem of your dry and frizzy hair care oil.

Some people have naturally dry hair, but some people face this problem due to environmental conditions like hot weather, hot climate and excessive exposure to sun and wind or use of chlorinated water can also make your hair dry and frizzy. But you can fix your dry hair by using hair oils and massaging.

9 best hair care oil to treat dry and frizzy hair.

WishCare premium roasted and cold-pressed Jamaican black castor oil.

WishCare premium roasted and cold-pressed Jamaican black castor oil is totally vegan and nontoxic oil. Castor oil is used for many hair remedies, but do you know how it helps? Castor oil contains fatty acids which act as a natural moisturizer for hair, prevent hair loss and control frizz.

How to use-

  • Castor oil has a thick consistency, so you must use castor oil with a carrier oil. Mix them on a ratio of 3:1 (1spoon castor oil with 3spoon carrier oil) and massage it on your scalp before washing your hair.

WOW skin science aloe vera hair oil

WOW Aloe vera hair oil is enriched with Aloe vera, vitamin e and Omega 3, which make it a power-pack option for hair growth and frizziness. Where omega-3 and vitamin E make the hair strong and prevent breakage, aloe vera provides hydration and moisturization to dry hair.

How to use –

  • Massage your hair with WOW skin science Aloe vera hair oil and wrap your hair with a warm towel. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then wash it up with a mild shampoo and see the result.

Aroma magic vitamin-rich hair oil

Aroma magic is known for its chemical-free products, so its hair oil is also free from all kinds of toxins and chemicals. Hair oil is a blend of essential oils like lavender, hibiscus and thyme, bhringraj, Amla and pomegranate extract. Which helps to maintain the natural shine nourishes the scalp and promotes the growth of shiny and soft hair.

How to use –

  • Use it before washing your hair. Apply it root to the tip of your hair and leave it for a few hours then wash it.

Mamaearth rice hair oil with rice bran and coconut oil

In day-to-day life, our hair goes through heat pollution and Harsh chemical treatment which makes our hair dull dry and damaged. But mamaearth comes with a solution. They claim their hair oil restores damaged hair and brings it to life with coconut oil and rice bran oil.

How to use –

  • Apply the oil on the scalp and hair and massage with your fingertips and let it penetrate. Leave it for a few hours then wash it.

Jezara Vietta-B7 Hair Oil

hair oil

If you want to get rid of your frizzy hair then jezara’s  onion+organ hair oil is truly made for you. It’s Non greasy and non sticky formula control frizz without the making it Greasy. And the best part is it is made with natural ingredients and totally free from chemicals.

How to use–

  • Use it on regular basis to get best result.

Oriental Botanics bhringraj and amla hair oil.

This hair oil is specially designed to revive and strengthen the hair. Its Natural oil formula helps to control hair loss, revive damaged hair and provide hydration to frizzy hair. The main ingredients of this hair oil are Amla and bhringraj extract.

How to use–

  • Use it before washing your hair.

Lotus botanical red onion hair fall control hair oil.

It is designed to provide deep nourishment to the scalp and hair strands that help to stop hair fall and treat split ends. Not only, this it is also helpful for hair thinning and breakage. It is a perfect and suitable hair oil option for dry and damaged hair.

How to use-

  • Before applying this hair oil, dampen your hair with water. Then apply this hair oil directly on the route and massage it. Leave it for one hour and wash it up with mild shampoo.

Oziva Naturelle infusion nourishment & growth hair oil.

If you are looking for a hair oil that will accelerate your hair growth, then it is a perfect option that comes with a hundred percent hair fall control guarantee. Ingredients that make this hair oil so special are Pea Protein, Brown Algae Extract, Wood Sugar Extract, Silk Protein, and Hydrolysed Keratin.

How to use–

  • For your scalp and hair with this hair oil, leave this oil for one night to 2 to 3 hours but I will suggest that apply it at night and wash it up in the morning. While washing, use a mild shampoo with warm water.

Parachute coconut oil

Last But not least, my favorite parachute coconut oil. Coconut oil is a very affordable and effective option for treating dry scalp and dry hair. Oil coconut oil gives deep nourishment to our scalp and hair and gives us lustrous-looking beautiful hair. Some of you who have tried this hair oil already know its benefits right.

How to use-

  • Use this coconut oil with castor oil for effective and visible results. Mix the coconut oil and castor oil at the rate of 3:1 and massage the oil scalp to the tip of your hair. And let it rest for 2 to 3 hours, then wash up with a mild shampoo.


We Do not get anything without doing hard work. Then how can you think that your hair can look beautiful without doing any, effort. But, to make your hair look beautiful only external effort is not sufficient, If you are using only different kinds of hair care oil, shampoo and other hair product to make your hair beautiful, but you are not following a healthy lifestyle and your eating habits are not good, then you can’t have it.

The health of our skin and hair is related to our diet. That’s why you must have a balance and nutritious diet and follow a proper hair care routine. If you do not get enough time to follow a proper hair care routine, then I will suggest at least you oil your hair before washing it. It will help you get rid of dryness and frizziness, provide moisture to the hair and scalp, and keep it hydrated.

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